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An Unnatural Union


An Unnatural Union is a D&D 5e campaign set in the world of Faerun. Several homebrew rules and variants have been added to give the campaign a greater sense of danger. To name a few: some abilities have been toned down, opponents are stranger and stronger, and PC recovery has been reduced.



In the Dalelands of Faerun, the town of Harrowdale has grown and prospered over the recent years. Now a bustling city-state, the lord of Harrowdale has started a bold endeavor: to unify the Dalelands under a single economy. Unfortunately, the city has developed its fair share of growing problems.

A group of adventurers have been hired to help rid several drug trafficking problems plaguing the burgeoning city. However, they soon will discover that drugs are the least of their worries.

An Unnatural Union is a story of wars and alliances, forgotten stories and magics, and the forging of heroes in the crucible of change.

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