Critical and Fumble Chart

Crits & Fumbles (5e)

  • Double damage (DD) will always deal minimum MAX DAMAGE (MD).
  • Triple Damage (TD) will always deal minimum 2x MAX DAMAGE

Fumble Table – All Weapons & Magic

01-50 slip, lose action
51-80 Stumble, lose footing, -1 AC penalty for 1 round
81 Trip, fall, bang head, stunned for 1 round. No effect if wearing helm.
82 Lose grip, drop weapon (or focus), roll 1d8 for direction weapon travels, 1d12 for distance (feet).
83 Weapon or shield tangled with opponent; grappled (opposed grapple check to release) or let go of item as your action.
84 Weapon or focus breaks (base 100%, -20% for each “plus” and/or weapon ability).
85 Poke self in eye; YOUR_LEVEL damage and blinded for 1 round.
86 Hit self for 50% damage.
87 Stumble; genitals slammed. Stunned for 1 round.
88 Helm slips over eyes (no effect if no helm). Blinded for 1 round.
89 Armor malfunction (no effect if no armor); -2 AC penalty until out of combat and can fix armor.
90 Sprain ankle; lose action. 1d4+YOUR_LEVEL subdual damage; -2 dexterity. Movement speed reduced by 5 until healed.
91 Jam toes; stumble forward 5 feet. Opponents have advantage for 1 on attacks to you for 1 round.
92 Slip, fall, break leg. 1d8+YOUR_LEVEL damage and prone for 1 round. Speed reduced by 50% until healed.
93 Slip, fall, bang head; unconscious for 1d2 rounds. If wearing helm, check against AC.
94 Hit self, normal damage
95 Hit self, DD
96 Hit closest ally, 50% damage. Ally must be within range.
97 Hit closest ally, normal damage. Ally must be within range.
98 Hit closest ally, DD. Ally must be within range.
99 Hit closest ally, crit. Roll on crit table. Ally must be within range.
00 Freak accident. Immediate death. If using a weapon, accidentally strike self in vulnerable part of body (e.g. smash rib cage & rib pierces heart, accidentally slit throat, accidentally pierce heart, etc.). If casting a spell, accidentally misspeak and arcane/divine/etc. forces break your mind, killing you. Bypasses death saves.

Critical Table – All Weapons & Magic

01-50 Max damage
51-80 Double damage (DD) + effect
96-99 Triple damage (TD) + effect
81 DD; If target has groin, strike to groin. Target stunned for 1 round.
82 DD; If target has head, strike to head. Target stunned for 2 rounds.
83 DD; If target has fingers, fingers damaged. Target drops weapon/focus in hand.
84 DD; If target has eyes, strike to eyes. Target is blinded for 1d2 rounds.
85 DD; If target has nose, nose shattered into sinus cavity. Stunned for 1 round.
86 DD; If target has ears, massive ear injury. -5 perception until healed.
87 DD; If target has brain, brain damage; CON SAVE DC10 or fall prone for 1d3 rounds.
88 DD; If target has leg, leg bone is broken; additional +1d8+CR_LEVEL (min 2) damage and prone for 1 round. Speed reduced by 50% until healed.
89 DD; If target has hips, hip injury; additional + 1d10+CR_LEVEL (min 2) damage. Pelvis fractured; fall and prone 2 rounds. -3 dexterity until healed. Speed reduced to 0 until healed.
90 DD; If target has ribs, rib injury. -2 AC until healed.
91 DD; If target has arms, arm injury. -4 strength until healed.
92 DD; If target has jaw, jaw broken. 1d4 chance for spells with verbal component to fizzle until healed.
93 DD; If target has internal organs, massive internal injury. Unable to speak for 2 rounds due to coughing up blood.
94 DD; If target has throat, throat damaged. Unable to speak until healed.
95 DD; If target has armor, armor fractured/shredded. -4 AC unless natural armor.
96 TD; If target has arms, massive arm injury. DEX SAVE DC 10 or arm is severed/shattered and useless until healed.
97 TD; If target has spine, spinal cord injury. Paralyzed for 1d3 rounds. DC10 DEX save or permanently paralyzed until healed.
98 TD; If target has leg, leg broken below knee/disintegrated. Target falls prone for 2 rounds. -5 DEX. Speed permanently reduced by 75%.
99 TD; If target has skull, skull caved in/cranium severed. -4 intelligence. Constitution save DC10 or die.
00 Lucky strike. Immediate death. If Legendary Save is used, then roll percentile. Damage is either MAX Triple damage or d100%/2 of their current HP, whichever is higher

Critical and Fumble Chart

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